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Titan N2's range of desiccant air dryers are designed with our primary principals in mind - flawless performance, bespoke solutions and simple maintenance. Catering to a spectrum of laboratory and industrial applications, this range can be integrated into a turnkey system package or supplied as a standalone product.
Each one of our air dryers are lightweight and are available in a selection of flow rates from 10 l/min to 1.4m3/hour. The Titan N2 team are here for you from enquiry to upgrade, offering expert advice and consultation.

MDH Air Dryer

  • Flow rate: 10 - 90 l/min
  • Dewpoint: up to -70oC
  • Outlet Pressure: 100 PSI

VSA Air Dryer

  • Flow Rate: 80 - 340 l/min
  • Dewpoint: up to -70oC
  • Outlet Pressure: 100 PSI

HR Air Dryer

  • Flow Rate: up to 1.4m3/min
  • Dewpoint: up to -70oC
  • Outlet Pressure: 100 PSI

MDH Air Dryer

MDH Air Dryer
Our ultra-small desiccant compressed air dryers can be used for low-flow applications or with fractional horsepower air compressors. As a heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer, it's designed to produce low dew point and its small footprint allows for packaging inside equipment cabinets or at point-of-use. The MDH is perfect for a range of applications from environmental chambers and laboratory analysers to gas chromatographs.
  • Flow Rate: 10 - 90 l/min
  • Dewpoint: up to -70oC
  • Outlet pressure 100 PSI
  • 120 x 200 x 260mm

VSA Air Dryer

This heatless desiccant compressed air dryers are as compact as they are economical. Ideal for applications as varied as ozone generators, dry nitrogen replacement and air bearings, it's a truly versatile model, able to provide you with years of effective, maintainable service.
  • Flow Rate: 80 - 340 l/min
  • Dewpoint: up to -70oC
  • Outlet pressure 100 PSI
  • 120 x 200 x 330mm
VSA Air Dryer

HR Air Dryer

HR Air Dryer
Using Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology, our HR Air Dryer is designed to offer a maximum drying process. It's easy to install and allows for installation in spaces too small for a traditional dryer. Equipped with air silencers to reduce noice, and designed for simple maintenance, our HR models offer quality, reliance and performance.
  • Flow Rate: up to 1.4m3/min
  • Dewpoint: up to -70oC
  • Outlet pressure: 100 PSI
  • 120 x 200 x 410mm

The Titan N2 way - Our Benefits & Features

  • Lower operating costs
  • Silent operation
  • Two year warranty
  • Fast delivery
  • Simple maintenance
  • Expert advice
For information on this range and more, talk to the Titan N2 team today.
Customer Reviews
Steve Magill (The Cornish Olive Stall)
I'd like to thank you, all of you at Titan N2 who have helped us along the way to getting our nitrogen generator and compressor sourced and connected and for your patience in replying to all my emails and phone requests. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others in the future.
Client at Strathclyde University
"I had visions of losing lots of instrument time but as usual you come to the rescue quickly and efficiently. Thanks."
Client in West Sussex
"Just a quick note to say that the nitrogen generator has been successfully installed at our site, and is working like a charm.  Thank you for all your help."
Client in Greater Manchester
"Just a quick note to say thank you to you and the team; the generator is ticking along nicely, and the install went well."
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