Is Hydrogen a cleaner and greener alternative?

The use of clean hydrogen technologies by transport and industry could be the answer to decarbonisation!

A new analysis by think tank Policy Exchange released last week, argues investment in cost-effective hydrogen production technologies such as electrolysis would open up export opportunities for the United Kingdom, while also supporting the government’s Industrial Strategy and Clean Growth agenda.

Hydrogen is “the most abundant element in the universe,” can be produced sustainably and only produces water vapour when burned, the report emphasises. As a fuel, it is 40 percent more efficient than diesel, while it also has the potential to store energy or replace natural gas for heating.

With Hydrogen now being used to power race cars and trains there is a great opportunity for hydrogen to be used as a transport fuel, reducing the carbon footprint. There is also a potential to use hydrogen to power farm vehicles. Hydrogen is backed by many as potential solution for decarbonising hard-to-reach areas of the economy such as the farming industry. Many farmers with renewable assets or potential sites that are constrained by grid availability have shown interest in entering this market as producers of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen powered car and train

Hydrogen powered race car and train

The Committee on Climate Change is also preparing to publish a review of the importance of hydrogen in meeting the U.K.’s long-term carbon targets in November, which will consider its use across all sectors including transport, industry and for heating buildings.

While Titan N2 may not be at the scale of powering a train by Hydrogen, we can however offer hydrogen products as a “greener” and more cost effective alternative for some applications such Gas Chromatography.

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