Zero Air Generators

Our GC ZeroAir Generator produces dry and hydrocarbon free air, using air from an external oil-free compressed air source. Therefore, avoiding the hassle of traditional cylinders. The ergonomic, compact and silent design makes the GC series of generators the ideal solution for the following analytical applications:

  • GC-FID
  • GC-NPD
  • GC-FPD
  • THA
  • TOC

ZeroAir Generators use three steps to transform ambient air into analytical grade air.


Compressed air enters the ZeroAir Generator via a high efficiency filter which traps any particles. The filter purges automatically and traps oil, water and particles > 5 microns in size.

HC & CO Trapping

The filtered air then enters a high-temperature platinum catalyzer which, through oxidation, eliminates hydrocarbon molecules to <0.1ppm

Final Filtration

The post-catalyst filter prevents any kind of particles present in the zero air from being passed downstream and into your instrument.